Content creation

With extensive B2B and B2C experience, we create and edit:


• Advertising and marketing copy.
• Newsletters, proposals, and reports.
• Website and social media content.


Content creation is a tricky business. We support with:


• Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your argument.
• Constructing content to reflect what you need it to.
• Suggesting how your language and diction can be improved.

Skills development

Whether you present technical or non-technical data, you should do so easily and comfortably. We train you to:


• Speak confidently in front of an audience.
• Use humour tastefully and artfully.
• Add sparkle and interest to even the most unexciting topic.

Need perfect copy fast?

Notable Communications is owned and run by Dr Jyoti Singh. Situated in Sandton, Johannesburg, our South African owned company serves a range of international clientele – from startups to large enterprises.


If you’re looking for copywriting, copyediting, and proofreading services, you’ve come to the right place. Notable Communications (Pty) Ltd supports constructive, meaningful, and operative communication in the boardroom, training room, and beyond.

As featured in


English is the international language of business, and companies have to ensure that every piece of communication is as clear, precise, and unambiguous as possible. Social media abounds with examples of shoddily-phrased advertisements and misspelled words, all of which impact upon your business’s credibility, brand, and public image.


Well-conceived and beautifully crafted advertising, communication, and effective social media campaigns reinforce a business’s reputation, presence, and increase customer confidence. They also create and maintain lasting client relationships. Fortunately for you, we excel at this! Let us support you with building and maintaining your reputation via flawless copy and empower you with the tools you need to improve your communication skills.

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